The limited-edition 6-pack will be teal, the color representative for sexual assault awareness. In order to maintain brand recognition, Blue Moon and Bud Light's label designs are kept the same with a color change. For equal representation, each brand has its own side and three bottles.


The packaging is strategically designed to educate males about sexual assault and drive them to visit the campaign's site. It encourages males to share their stories by utilizing the hashtag #IWILLSPEAKUP. Each bottle has a unique statistic. Minimal type and short copy are to ensure the information is still legible while men are consuming alcohol.


There will be complementary visuals to advertise the drinks on both Blue Moon and Bud Light's social media platforms. Appropriate age screening will be conducted targeting 21+ male users.


Consumers will be driven to the landing page below. The site aims to educate viewers more in-depth about sexual assault and serves as a resource for how to get involved or find help.


Elevator ads will also be placed in areas where sexual assault is more likely to happen such as bars, workplaces, parking lots, and college campuses. This is a great way to tap into our audience's daily routine and catch their attention.


Sexual assault is an awkward and uncomfortable topic. Often times we aren't sure on how to address it in a conversation. Alcohol plays a huge role in this issue and since a popular way to bond is social drinking, it makes beer the perfect vehicle to reach our target audience with less intimidation. It meets them right where they are.


This campaign gives alcohol brands an opportunity to not only support the cause but also hold themselves accountable. By having two popular beer brands work together, it will create a more impactful message. If two rivals in the beer industry can start the conversation, men can too.



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Make sexual assault a problem men feel compelled to discuss with one another and incentivize bros to be vocal advocates of the cause.


In light of recent cultural uproar amongst influential folks, the floodgates of sexual assault have opened and so has the nationwide conversation. Sexual assault has been and continues to be a big problem. Although social movements like #Metoo have made a massive headway towards shifting societal attitudes, it still leaves a large demographic from participating in the dialogue: men. lads, dudes, fellas, blokes, or boys.


Have two well-known beer brands, Bud Light and Blue Moon, collaborate to create a limited-edition beer pack that acknowledges the issue and educates consumers about it.

Art Direction + Design: Quyen Truong

Copywriting: Devon Swanson